New to this site? Here is your roadmap

Thanks so much for visiting the Young Successful Entrepreneur blog!  I want to provide you with the best content for an internet entrepreneur seeking to have a successful exit.

What is a “successful exit”? To me, a successful exit would be to sell my startup for $100M+.  If my team and I are able to achieve this goal, then I will feel accomplished as an entrepreneur.  Your “exit” goal may be different from mine, but I promise that if we stick together, we’ll get there.

To keep organized and provide you easy access to the content that benefits you the best, I have created the roadmap below:

1. I am in the idea phase

  1. Answer to a reader: I hate my corporate job. Should I become an entrepreneur?
  2. Why I can’t do what I’m passionate about
  3. Should I drop out of college to pursue my startup?
  4. Startup Advice: Entrepreneur vs Business Owner

2. I need to build a team

  1. How to assemble the perfect team
  2. Best friends make the best business partners. No lie!
  3. How I got 20 undergraduates to work for me for free

3. I need to build the product

  1. Startup Advice: A State of Mind
  2. Startup Advice: How to build systems so that you can scale

4. I need to sell my product

  1. How to sell to small to medium-size brick and mortar stores
  2. How to sell when they won’t pick up the phone
  3. How to find out if customers will actually pay for your product (and how much they’ll pay)
  4. How to sell your product: What I’ve learned during my first month of cold calling
  5. How to create incredibly useful and beautiful customer personas

5. I need to raise funding

  1. How my company raised $75,000 in funding and how you can too
  2. The Journey Begins Once Again – Viralogy is raising angel funding

6. How to keep your girlfriend/boyfriend happy

  1. A necessary empty feeling
  2. How to keep your girlfriend happy when you’re an entrepreneur
  3. Lesson Learned: What happens when you push your girlfriend to become an entrepreneur
  4. How to create guilt-free time to spend with your loved ones and still build a successful startup
  5. How I know my girlfriend is The One I’m going to marry

7. I am ready to exit

Good luck and feel free to message me on Twitter if you’d like to suggest a post topic or if you have any questions.

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