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  • Blogging
    • You are your personal brand.  The first thing a company will do before they interview you is Google you.  What will they see?  Blogging is a great way for you to build your personal brand and thought leadership in an online community.  This Ebook is for blogging beginners.  I will walk you through setting up your blog, what do blog about, how to create a community, and how to drive traffic to your blog.


  • The New Rules of Interviewing: Making Yourself Stick
    • Interviewing is NOT just about the content of your words and the content of your interview answers. Your body language, eye contact, and voice are just as important or even more important than what you’re saying. This Ebook goes over strategies and tips on how to sound and feel more impressive in the interview setting.
  • Top Ten Interviewing Mistakes
    • There are a ton of material online telling you what to do. But how can you start doing what’s right unless you get rid of what’s wrong first? I go over the Top Ten critical mistakes in interviewing. Do yourself away with these mistake and you’ll have a strong foundation to build your interviewing skills on top of.
  • How to Optimize Your Resume
    • The resume is the first thing a recruiter looks at when deciding if he or she should give you an interview. You better have a rocking resume because if you don’t, you won’t even get the chance to demonstrate your fantastic interviewing abilities! Optimize your entire resume with this Ebook.

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