The Journey Begins Once Again – Viralogy is raising angel funding


3 years ago, I left my corporate job to pursue Future Delivery full time with Yu-kai, Stephen, and Joseph.  Back then, we had no understanding of how to run a company, how to finish a product that people would pay for, or how to sell our product.  The result: two failed startups.

A year ago I was given the opportunity to build a digital marketing agency.  In one year, my agency team and I grew it to a $1.2 million company and I was making as much money as my investment banker friends.


A sophomore in college once told me:

“Jun, if you had made it as an Investment Banker, you would never have become an entrepreneur.  The money is all that matters.”

I used to doubt myself.  What if I had become an investment banker?  Would I still blog or be an entrepreneur?  Or would I settle down with my nice salary and live a long, comfortable life?

You can’t possibly know who you are until you’re put into the situation.  3 years out of college, I was given the choice:

Follow the money: Stay with the agency and make a high 6-figure salary by the end of this year
Follow my heart: Leave the agency and work side-by-side with my startup team on Viralogy

I now know who I am.  And I’m so very happy to be the person that I’ve always wanted to be.

I left my agency last week – all the money in the world can’t hold me back from following my heart.

There is only one goal on my mind right now: To have a successful exit with my startup and to do it with my team

And you know what, we’re closer to reaching this goal than ever before.  We’re so close that we can taste it, and it tastes so good:

  1. We have successfully launched our product
  2. We have validated that our product works and increased revenue for our clients by up to 15%
  3. We have paying customers
  4. We currently building more and better features for our product

For those of you who are curious about what my company does, this video will tell you in detail:

The team is ready to receive an angel round of funding that will allow us to increase inbound leads, scale our infrastructure, and increase our product features. If you or someone you know has money to invest, the following sections detail the pain we solve, the market opportunity, the business model, the milestones we’ve hit, and what we plan to do with your invested dollars:

Pain and Solution

Ecommerce stores lose a significant percentage of their invested marketing dollars because they drive paid traffic through adwords, SEO, and social media, but fail to convert the traffic into paying customers.  Ecommerce stores have vital purchase data about shoppers, but lack the tools to utilize purchase data that will increase sales conversions and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Viralogy solves this pain by using purchase data to create tools that automatically generate higher profits.  Our tools predict what a shopper will most likely buy, and displays these products through product, shopping cart, and email recommendations.

An example:

product recommendations

Market Opportunity

The ecommerce market is predicted to grow to $340 Billion by 2013 (Forrester).  Of that $340 Billion, $100 Billion comes from the tens of thousands of medium-sized ecommerce stores that are our main target.

Our target client: Ecommerce store that generates $500,000 – $10,000,000 in annual revenue.

Viralogy is in the perfect position to service these clients because our product is cost-effective, has proven to increase revenue for clients, and is a plug-and-play solution that easily integrates with any ecommerce platform.

Business Model

Our current pricing model:

pricing image

Traction and Progress

Viralogy has gained the following traction:

  1. Full product launch with 3 features
  2. Validation that the product works (increase client sales revenue by 11%) and validation that the target market needs our product
  3. Website Page Rank of 5
  4. Launch of Grade Your Store – inbound marketing strategy
  5. Won 1st place in the CINACON 2009 VC Pitch Competition
  6. Won 1st place in Jason Calacanis’ This Week in Startups LA pitch competition,
  7. Top 10 (out of 140 start-ups) in the Juice Pitcher Competition hosted by

Investment Plan

Viralogy raised $50,000 in funding from the President of CINA, FVP of American Premier Bank, and UC Irvine Lecturer. We are seeking $350,000 in investments to scale our sales, expand product offerings, and improve our infrastructure over the next 2 years.

Below is the bottom-up five year financial projections. Projections assume success in fund-raising goal:

5 year projection

Viralogy will work towards a $60M acquisition within five years by a larger competitor, a data analytics company, or a large online marketing firm that wants to expand its services.

Thank you so very much for supporting my team!!!

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Jun Loayza

Jun Loayza is the Chief Growth Officer at Bunny Inc. In his startup experience, he has sold 2 technology companies and raised $1M in angel funding. Jun lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife Kim.

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  1. Its so great to see Viralogy evolve – I have some e-commerce background and I know a product like this will be very handy (yet powerful). Keep rocking Jun!

  2. Nice post/video Jun. Great to see you following your heart and not just the money, something you don’t see often enough. I love the direction Viralogy is heading and wish you the best of luck! 🙂 Keep us posted

  3. Jun – Congratulations on your recent success. I commend you for making the tough choice and leaving money to follow your passion; of course I am confident that this will lead you to continued future success on a larger scale!

  4. Greetings! I surfed to this web site while I was searching for some health and fitness related terms in Yahoo earlier today. Given that I ended up here I thought why not stick around and browse a few of your articles… insightful stuff. I’ll make certain that I get around once again some time in the next couple of months.

  5. Jun, I wish you the best of success. Your going big and I respect that..this is a tool I’d look into becoming an expert at and supporting entrepreneurs in.

    As someone who advises people running their own online ventures in tech it looks great. It has a clear marketable advantage and I hope it blows up. Is it somewhere that can be beta tested?

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