Best way to reach me is via Twitter: @junloayza.

Or you can of course leave me a comment below and I’ll respond shortly. I look forward to speaking with you.

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  1. Hi My name is Christine Hevern and I read the artice about your ecommerce store on budgets are and was curious about getting a list of fashion bloggers! Thank you for doing that article it was very insightful !

  2. Hey Jun! I have to say I love the message your putting out there! We need more people like you showing people that it is possible to escape your job and to live their authentic lives. I am currently in the process of escaping my 50+ hour a week labor job so to see what you have done really keeps me motivated so thank you for that!

    The reason for me reaching out to you is because I have a very similar goal to yours. I believe that people deserve to be healthy, to feel confident, and to have the freedom to follow their passions so I have decided to dedicate my life to giving people the best resources that will teach them what 20% of nutrition, fitness, and online business should people focus on that will give them 80% of the results they desire. Basically im putting together a blog designed to help people realize their full potential.

    Obviously you’ve become very successful by putting out really high quality content and I still have a long ways to go but I would really value if you could help me out by sharing my pre launch page link with your audience just becasue when I do launch it would be awesome to have a small audience to write for instead of writing for no one which im sure you know can be a bit discouraging.

    The link is

    If you have any questions or I can help you in anyway just let me know! Thanks for your time!

    1. Nathan, I’m glad you reached out.

      I too am deeply passionate about the intersection of the mind, body, and wealth.

      I have teamed up with a close friend to begin the development of MindBodyWealthy. We should chat.

  3. Jun,

    I aim to publish a book that is a collection of entrepreneurs and creatives epic fails in building their businesses. As you well know, embracing failure is a stepping stone to success but failure remains a bad word in our times. I want to change that! So far Leo Babauta, Lewis Howes and Colin Wright are on board, and I would be honored to have you contribute as well! Let me know if this is of interest and I can send along more details about the project. Thanks for all that you do! -Xavier

  4. Hi Jun,
    I was mollified to find that you started such a successful online store with little previous experience. I don’t have much entrepreneurial experience but I do know of a huge gap in the women’s fashion market that I myself have been struggling with. I’ve done tons of research on it, including Brazilian and Chinese suppliers and there is nothing quite right. I think I could really meet a big need, but would love to run it by you first. Would you mentor me for a few minutes?
    Thank you,

  5. Jun, I am very interested in learning about your company and your success stories. I have sent you a Linekidn invite so I appreciate if you add me. Hope to talk to you soon. Camilo Paez Garcia

  6. Hi Jun, I’m the co-founder of an early stage fintech start-up called RemitMas. I would love to connect with you. I have just tried to reach you over Linkedin regarding the Google Bogota tech start up mentoring session. My team in Bogota is very interested in participating. I would appreciate your advice on how to sign-up. The form is no longer active. Thank you!

      1. We thought the deadline was tonight at 11pm EDT…. is there any chance we could still send you our application? please? That would be wonderful!Thank you!

  7. Jun,

    As college graduates launching an e-commerce venture, we are compelled by your wealth of experience and felt that chatting with you about your e-commerce past will be a great opportunity. Would you have time for a quick phone call this or next week?

    Thank you,

    AB & Jay

    1. Hi Jay, I’m in Tokyo, Japan right now launching the Japanese version of our website.

      You can Tweet me your questions and I can respond accordingly. Cheers!

  8. Hello Jun, I want to apply for the Intern at Bunny Inc. but my English level is not the required. I would love to learn from your experience and knowledge. Can I apply without the English level required. Do you speak Spanish? Thank you.

    1. Yes I speak Spanish.

      You need to have a high level of proficiency with English to be a part of the growth team. It never hurts to try. Go ahead and apply and see if you make it passed the English proficiency test.

      1. OK thank you. But unfortunately the apply link is no longer available. Is it still possible to apply?

      2. If it’s no longer available then the internship is no longer available because we have many candidates in the pipeline and have identified a possible recruit. Future position will become available as the months progress. Cheers!

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  9. Hello Jun,
    I found your insights and interviews on Mashable about social networking startups very interesting. I am planning to co-found one such startup with my friend in the US. We need some mentoring on strategy to navigate along and would be grateful if you could share some insights with us.

      1. Hi Jun, what’s the best business model and revenue streams for a public opinion social network and social polling startup?

      1. Okay Jun, could you please Follow me on Twitter so that I can send you a direct message.

      2. You can just mention me on Twitter and I’ll respond accordingly. If you ever need to send me private information because we’re having a more formalized conversation, then we can switch to email.

  10. Hi Jun I am looking for raising capital for my hotel business in india.i want to reach to few selected VC companies in California.They have funded oyo rooms.i want to work on tier3 cities in my country which oyo has not touched yet and have my online experience in marketing and sales to demonstrate my niche.

  11. Hi, I read your article on what all is involved in starting your own retail online business. I really like a clothing store online called Pink Lily Boutique and would like to sell similar items to the same age category. Just something simple and not too expensive. Check them out sometime and tell me what you think of there website. I would like to save money and do my own photos and have my niece be my model. I have been doing a lot of research about how to get started. Should I start small and work my way up (selling a few things on Facebook) or go gung ho with a full website and sell when I have all of my inventory ready? Also, how do you find a good distributor? Thanks 🙂

  12. Hi! I am looking for a really good womens trendy clothing drop shipper and the fashion bloggers list if you don’t mind?! Thanks for this awesome post. I hope you can help me

  13. interview request: Advice for a non-profit education startup
    I’m Bilal Saya. Right now i’m working on a non-profit startup in the education sector and would love it if you could give us your input on what we can do to make this venture successful.

  14. Hi Jun

    I live in Birmingham, UK and started working for a management consulting firm a few months ago after graduating university. However, my heart is not completely in the job and I feel compelled to try my hand at entrepreneurship and generating residual income.

    I feel pretty sucked for time and energy at my current job, and feel that to properly follow an idea I would need to quit. However, I am hesitant to quit before at least 1/2 years in the firm (I have been currently there for 7 months), as this leaves me with minimal useful experience should I need to venture back to the ‘corporate life’ in the future.

    Do you have any advice? I understand this is a difficult question but any advice would be useful.


    1. Hi Tom, I worked at a corporate finance consulting job for 3 months and quit. One of the best decisions of my life. If you have the drive, the guts, and hopefully some savings, then do it.

  15. Hello,
    I am getting ready to start an online clothing store in a few monthsand, I would love it if you could send email me the list of fashion bloggers looking to partner with online stores.

    Thank you,

    Jameise J.

  16. Hi Jun.

    I am just getting to read two of your articles: “Funded startup vs Bootstrapped startup” and “5 reasons why you WON’T raise funding”. They are really good.

    Whether it is a hardware/software startup or other technology product startup, the the principles are the same. Reading your articles, i kept feeling that they are journals of my activities in the last two years.

    Somehow, I am the CEO, I am the Sales person and two of us are the CTOs. Our product is an Innovative Electric-Energy Solution. We already have a product which people are ordering and paying. But raising fund to go into volume production – unbelievable. Yet, I am in a country where it is VERY hard to get electric utility for 4 days without numerous interruptions.

    Trust me, we are cleared of all you mentioned in your articles even before ever setting eyes on these articles. Considering the volume of fund you raised, your articles are helping to deeper looks; that is, the BIG difference between your country and mine. My country economy is 95% IMPORT-AND-CONSUME economy.

    At least, your articles are now giving me a lead.


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