Best way to reach me is via Twitter: @junloayza.

Or you can of course leave me a comment below and I’ll respond shortly. I look forward to speaking with you.

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  • christine

    Hi My name is Christine Hevern and I read the artice about your ecommerce store on budgets are and was curious about getting a list of fashion bloggers! Thank you for doing that article it was very insightful !

  • Nathan Wiebe

    Hey Jun! I have to say I love the message your putting out there! We need more people like you showing people that it is possible to escape your job and to live their authentic lives. I am currently in the process of escaping my 50+ hour a week labor job so to see what you have done really keeps me motivated so thank you for that!

    The reason for me reaching out to you is because I have a very similar goal to yours. I believe that people deserve to be healthy, to feel confident, and to have the freedom to follow their passions so I have decided to dedicate my life to giving people the best resources that will teach them what 20% of nutrition, fitness, and online business should people focus on that will give them 80% of the results they desire. Basically im putting together a blog designed to help people realize their full potential.

    Obviously you’ve become very successful by putting out really high quality content and I still have a long ways to go but I would really value if you could help me out by sharing my pre launch page link with your audience just becasue when I do launch it would be awesome to have a small audience to write for instead of writing for no one which im sure you know can be a bit discouraging.

    The link is

    If you have any questions or I can help you in anyway just let me know! Thanks for your time!

    • JunLoayza

      Nathan, I’m glad you reached out.

      I too am deeply passionate about the intersection of the mind, body, and wealth.

      I have teamed up with a close friend to begin the development of MindBodyWealthy. We should chat.

      • Nathan Wiebe

        Thats awesome! Ya absolutely just send me an email at I would love to throw around some ideas with you.

  • Xavier Cobos


    I aim to publish a book that is a collection of entrepreneurs and creatives epic fails in building their businesses. As you well know, embracing failure is a stepping stone to success but failure remains a bad word in our times. I want to change that! So far Leo Babauta, Lewis Howes and Colin Wright are on board, and I would be honored to have you contribute as well! Let me know if this is of interest and I can send along more details about the project. Thanks for all that you do! -Xavier

    • JunLoayza

      Sure, send me an email: me [at]

  • Caitlin Griffith

    Hi Jun,
    I was mollified to find that you started such a successful online store with little previous experience. I don’t have much entrepreneurial experience but I do know of a huge gap in the women’s fashion market that I myself have been struggling with. I’ve done tons of research on it, including Brazilian and Chinese suppliers and there is nothing quite right. I think I could really meet a big need, but would love to run it by you first. Would you mentor me for a few minutes?
    Thank you,

    • JunLoayza

      Yes, you can email me directly and ask me your questions. You can reach me at me [at]

      I look forward to chatting with you Caitlin.

  • Camilo PaezGarcia

    Jun, I am very interested in learning about your company and your success stories. I have sent you a Linekidn invite so I appreciate if you add me. Hope to talk to you soon. Camilo Paez Garcia

    • JunLoayza

      Camilo, great to connect. What questions do you have? I’m happy to answer them.

  • RemitMas

    Hi Jun, I’m the co-founder of an early stage fintech start-up called RemitMas. I would love to connect with you. I have just tried to reach you over Linkedin regarding the Google Bogota tech start up mentoring session. My team in Bogota is very interested in participating. I would appreciate your advice on how to sign-up. The form is no longer active. Thank you!

    • JunLoayza

      You just missed the opportunity to sign up! All good though, there will be plenty of more opportunities. To get notified about future opportunities, you can sign up here:

      • RemitMas

        We thought the deadline was tonight at 11pm EDT…. is there any chance we could still send you our application? please? That would be wonderful!Thank you!

      • JunLoayza

        I sent you my email via InMail. Reach out to me by email

  • JunLoayza

    Thanks for the message. I’ll check it out.