True happiness or Settling for less?

happy pills

I spent all of last week with people from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, and many other regions of the world.  Each one was a world traveler, film maker, and an amazing creative mind that completely blew away my artistic skill set.

To be perfectly honest, I was at first intimated to be in their presence.  I have pretty much spent my entire life in Southern California, while my new friends had traveled to all 5 continents and even studied with Shaolin Masters in China.


I wanted to live their lives; I wanted to be them.

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Tell me the truth: Can Gen Y Team Up?

gen y

Note, I couldn’t include all of my close friends in the image but just know that I truly appreciate your friendship

This is a call to all of my friends in the blogging community.  I have grown up with all of you and have actively followed your blogs, read your amazing content, watched you start ambitious projects, and learned so much from you in the process:

  • Greg Rollett is doing a fantastic job over at Endagon and Rock for Hunger
  • Jonathan Mead stepped away from his full-time job and is now a full-time blogger and life coach
  • Rebecca Thorman is kicking ass as the PR and Social Media Lead at
  • Monica O’Brien and Jamie Varon have started their own companies.  Jamie is making a huge leap to Europe and Monica will be graduating her MBA soon
  • Matt Chevy left his corporate full-time, moved to Chicago, and is now a household name in the blogging community
  • Adam Baker moved to Australia with his family and has established a name for himself in the Personal Finance community
  • Cody McKibben is living the location independence life and is pioneering the way for others to do the same
  • Our brother from Argentina, Carlos Mic, started his own blog and has established himself as THE blogger in South America
  • And so many more amazing people that I can’t keep count!…

It’s clear to me that we’re doing amazing things individually.  Sure we have teamed up on a few projects here and there, but nothing on a global scale to dominate the social media landscape.  Truly think about it: what if we combined forces and focused our efforts on one global project that would impact the social media community and do good for the world?

An even more important question is: Why haven’t we teamed up yet? What is holding us back from joining forces on one giant project and “killing it” online?

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Evolution: Viralogy Experts and Viralogy Themes

Our goal with Viralogy is to provide the platform that helps promote all of the great bloggers in our community.  With the Viralogy Blog, we reached out and did video interviews with some amazing bloggers.  I can’t tell you how truly thankful I am to have met so many great bloggers face to face, and how happy I am that I was able to share that with all of you.

Today marks an evolution of Viralogy.  Today we launch Viralogy Experts and Viralogy Themes:

Viralogy Experts

Viralogy Experts
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Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs

top young entrepreneurs

When you google “resources for young entrepreneurs,” you’re going to return 2,290,000 search results.  The top selections like Gaebler, Young Money, and Young Entrepreneur have great information, but I’m not one to participate in those communities because they feel very corporate suit and tie to me.  There isn’t really a face there that I can identify with and think, “Hey, this is the face of [first name] and he looks like a smart guy who’s going to teach me some great things about starting a company.

I’ve also tried looking for great resources and publications on Alltop.  To be honest, I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would use All Top.  Yes, I know I’m featured in their startup section, but there is absolutely no way for someone to distinguish my blog from all the rest.  Liz, one of my readers, reached out to me yesterday asking what are some great resources for young entrepreneurs.  If I referred her to Alltop right now, she would not have the ability to find what she’s looking for and she’d just waste a bunch of time randomly clicking on blogs on the Alltop page.

I don’t subscribe to just anyone’s blog.  They have to provide some really insightful, unique tips that no one else has been able to bring to the table.

The following are 8 top blogs that every young entrepreneurs should be reading:
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Corporate gets you Donkeys; Entrepreneurship gets you a Princess

CEO and CMO battle

My dear friend Yu-kai and I always get into heated discussion.  Tonight we had a debate about a recent blog post he wrote about entrepreneurship being better than the corporate world.    We never let each other off easy, even when we agree with each other.  Sometimes it’s just fun to bash each other to see who will win.

We just finished our heated discussion documented on gChat.  I edited some typos and changed some names to ensure the people we were talking about stay private; however, everything else is real.  Hope you guys learn a lot and enjoy!


Jun: I’m gonna write a blog post that argues for the corporate world because entrepreneurs seem to bash them so much when they don’t bash us.  Because they don’t need to defend themselves.  It’s as if entrepreneurs need to bash to make ourselves feel better.

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I am so proud of my country

obama wins (2)

I had no idea I was so emotionally involved with this election.

When I heard Barack Obama had won, I was taping an episode of Future Delivery TV with Jason Lam and Jonathan Mead.  Jonathan’s girlfriend came out of her room to tell us the news.  It didn’t quite hit me when she told me.

On the drive home, I listened to Barack Obama’s speech and I truly almost shed a tear.  I felt so proud of being a part of this epic moment in the history of America.  Now I know why I voted.

I live in California which means we pretty much always vote Democratic.  I had doubts that my vote truly counted because we’re going to elect Barack Obama anyways in California.  Why should I vote since our votes only count toward to electorate?  I have a few friends that our part of our generation as well that did not vote because they felt their vote would be insignificant.  I feel sorry for them now.

I voted because of the feeling I feel right now.  I was a part of this amazing change in America.  So what if my vote didn’t really “matter” because we were going to elect Barack in California with or without my vote.  So what!  The reason I voted was because I wanted my voice to be heard, and now I feel that it truly has been heard.

I will remember this feeling for the rest of my life.  Unlike the other feelings I will always remember, like 9/11 or Princess Diana, this one is a feeling of hope and joy.

Time for me to go home and embrace my family and girlfriend!  Congratulations America!  We did it

Generation We

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a response to my friend Cody’s post about Being Mad as Hell.  I posed a question, a question that I felt was unanswered up until now in the video above.

My question was, “Is voting the best thing WE can do to change the nation?”  I had my doubts about voting before, and how much it really counts; after watching the video above, the impact that my vote can create really sunk in.

<blockquote>”Generation We will be the largest voting generation by 2016.”  “We are the first generation to inherit the nation on an economic decline.”</blockquote>

I want to share this video with all of my Millennial brothers.  Lets join forces and take back this planet of ours!