How I captured 2,778 subscribers in 4 months

In June of 2016, my friend Yu-kai Chou approached me with a challenge he had:

What can I do to exponentially improve my business right now?

“What is your long term vision?” I asked.

“I want to build an educational platform that helps people improve their personal and professional lives through the teachings of Octalysis.” Yu-kai proudly stated. “The business model will be a monthly subscription.”

What follows is a detailed analysis of how I helped Yu-kai build a self-sustaining acquisition and activation engine that will hopefully lead to a very successful educational business.

Results from my work with Yu-kai:

  • Captured 2,778 emails in 4 months
  • 39.5% email open rate
  • 6.9% click rate
  • Grew the Facebook Group from 400 members to 1,544 members in 4 months

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How to get to the top 4 on Product Hunt with a B2B product

What would you do to get on the front page of Product Hunt? What value would it even bring to your company? My team at Bunny Inc. just went through a rigorous 6 months of building and launching our latest product: ArticleBunny. As part of our launch efforts, I decided to make Product Hunt a big initiative. It paid off: in a span of 2 days, we drove over 5,000 highly targeted site visitors and over 100 projects posted. This post is about how we did it.

top 4 on Product Hunt

What you will learn in this post: this post is about ideation to launch. We conceptualized the idea of ArticleBunny in the Winter of 2014 and launched the product in June 2015. You will learn how we chose to build and launch ArticleBunny (out of the many options that we had) and how we hit the top 4 on Product Hunt on Wednesday, June 17th.

Who will benefit from this post: entrepreneurs, product managers and growth hackers.

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Three Tricks that Make Content Marketing Easier

easy content marketing

Whenever I talk to someone about content marketing or why they should start their own blog, company blog, or personal blog, I often see these three excuses:

  1. “I don’t know what to write about”
  2. “People aren’t interested in my content. I’ve tried to start something and received zero traffic”
  3. “I don’t have enough time to write great posts”

Because content marketing is so important and valuable in today’s largely media-based market, I’m here to convince you that you do know what to write about, you can write great posts, and you will have time.

Content marketing is significant in the aspect that everybody is trying to get customers, users, or referrals though search engine optimization.  Because each market is becoming impacted, it’s getting more and more challenging to stand out amongst competitors, which is exactly why companies and individuals are pushing their marketing budgets towards content marketing.  They know and understand how important it is for them to be able to reach a potential customer and say, “Hey, I’m an expert.  I can assist you better than anyone else and this is why you need my service.”

This post will show you how to effectively use your time and energy to make content marketing easier.

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How to get more traffic to your blog

how to increase blog traffic

Lets look at some concrete ways to get more traffic to your blog.  For this post, we’ll use my blog as an example.

What we’ll measure and analyze:

  1. Top traffic sources to my blog
  2. Spikes when I post content
  3. Tips to increase blog traffic

That which gets measured, gets improved

Make it a habit to consistently analyze your blog traffic via Google Analytics to find ways to improve.  Lets take a look at my blog and analyze what works best for me.

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How I increased our inbound leads by 600% in 3 months

I have tried Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads, and advertisements placed on industry-specific online publications.  Though these ads drove sudden bursts of traffic, the costs associated with advertisements are not sustainable for a startup.  As a startup, we’re constantly altering our feature-set and pricing to find the optimal point that will close deals on a consistent basis.

If we continued to generate leads through costly advertisements, then we’d rapidly burn cash before we found the scalable and optimal method to close deals.

It was therefore vitally important that my team and I find a way to increase inbound leads without having to pay for them.  

In April of this year, my team and I made a decisive decision to make RewardMe the internet thought-leader on customer loyalty and local marketing.  Our first and foremost goal was to make a professional immediately think of “RewardMe” when they had customer loyalty questions or needs.

In 3 short months since April, we’ve increased our inbound leads by 70% without increasing our advertising spend.  This post is about how I did it.

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How to launch a Press Release

My team and I recently launched a press release unveiling RewardMe from stealth mode.  We spent 3 days and $499 writing the press release and achieved the following results:

  • 59,000 impressions
  • 1,500 reads (landed on our PR Web press page)
  • 114 online pickups (there were 114 online articles written about our press release)

Overall, my team is very satisfied with the results because of the media hits, inbound leads we’ve received, and the inbound links from external publications linking to our website: useful for SEO.

Who should read this post: the marketing lead or department at a startup that is looking to launch a press release

What you will learn: how to launch a press release that will generate buzz, create links, and drive results for a startup

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Evolution: Viralogy Experts and Viralogy Themes

Our goal with Viralogy is to provide the platform that helps promote all of the great bloggers in our community.  With the Viralogy Blog, we reached out and did video interviews with some amazing bloggers.  I can’t tell you how truly thankful I am to have met so many great bloggers face to face, and how happy I am that I was able to share that with all of you.

Today marks an evolution of Viralogy.  Today we launch Viralogy Experts and Viralogy Themes:

Viralogy Experts

Viralogy Experts
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An honest take on making money online

make money online
Photo by Miss LuLu

“Make money online” is such a dirty phrase nowadays.  Our community has been plagued by spammy sites that promise to make you $10,000 a month by using their “proven” system.

A couple months ago, my friend bought a $100 eBook that promised to teach him to to get $10,000 of Google Adwords advertisement for free each month.  Being the skeptical person that I am, I told him I would check it out and let him know if it was legit.

The strategy the eBook taught is actually worth mentioning, so here it is in a nut shell:

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