Read this before you buy a home

To buy or rent a house? That is the question…

I recently sent an email to my network letting them know that Kim and I bought a home:

If you’re interested in learning more about the research I did and why I ultimately chose to buy a home (even though there are much better financial investments), reply to this email and I’ll send you my notes.

To my surprise, hundreds of people replied to my email requesting my notes. After all, I claim that there are “much better financial investments”.

Because there was such a high demand for my notes, I took the time to refine my research with my good friend Steven Chen.

I find it surprising that to this day, many educated, savvy millennials are brainwashed to believe that buying a home is a “smart financial investment.” In fact, as you’ll see in our research, buying a home (to live in) is a terrible financial investment when compared to the alternative (rent and invest in the market).

Without further ado, let’s dive into the research.

I could not have published this article without the help of Steven Chen. Thank you my friend.

Also, thank you to my friend Tiffany Chin who worked tirelessly to find us our perfect home. If you’re in the hunt for a home in Southern California, then I highly recommend you give Tiffany a call.

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