There are many blogs out there that teach you about entrepreneurship.  My blog is unique because it’s NOT about the final destination of selling your company for millions of dollars; instead, I focus on the journey that takes you there.  You see, I don’t have wealthy parents, I don’t have an extraordinary talent, I didn’t graduate from an IV League, and I haven’t had a successful startup yet.


And if I’m able to make it, then you’ll be able to make it big as well.

This blog documents my successes and failures throughout my journey as an entrepreneur so that you can benefit from me.  This blog is about my attempt to balance my love for my startup with my love for my girlfriend, Kim Ear.  If nothing else, I hope that you will become a successful entrepreneur because you have read my writing.

“Entrepreneurship is not a career; it’s a lifestyle”

Jun Loayza - FD CMO

The Jun Loayza Story

I was born August 1, 1985 in Anaheim, California to two Peruvian immigrants: my Mom is full-blooded Japanese but born and raised in Peru, and my Dad is full-blooded Peruvian with a love for Japanese women.


the three loayza brothers

I have a younger brother, Jay Loayza, who is the complete opposite of me.  While I am Type A, relentlessly business oriented and focused to succeed in the business world, and have always been dating a girl since the age of 16, my brother is a Type B, free spirited artist that loves extreme sports, playing the guitar, and sticking it to the man.

My Dad had a previous marriage where he had a son, my half brother, named Jouji.  Jouji is about 9 years older than I am, and is very similar in personality to Jay.  He is a musician in Japan and plays the bass for his band.  One of my biggest regrets in life is not getting to know him better when he visited us here in SoCal.  I was shy, didn’t really want an “older brother,” so I didn’t reach out to try and build a connection with him.  Plus, he only speaks Japanese and I speak Spanish and English.  Communication was just too difficult for me at my young age.

Divorce: My Mom and Dad got divorced when I was 10 years old and my brother was 7.  Though we’ll never admit it, I feel that the divorce caused some dramatic changes in our personalities and has greatly shaped the course of our lives.  None of my closest friends have parents who are divorced, so I always feel extremely awkward when their whole family gets together because they seem so happy. I have no idea what that feels like.

High School

Jun Loayza in high school

If you met me in High School, you probably would have laughed in my face.  I was smart, played on my high school basketball team, so you think I would at least be somewhat “cool,” but I was way far from it.  Picture this in my 2nd year: I wore a Hawaiian t-shirt, shorts, and socks with sandals to school.  Gah!  What was I thinking…

My dad playfully teased me about getting girls when I was growing up.  He did it as a playful joke, but I think I took all of them to heart.  He would ask, “So Jun, you have a girlfriend yet?” or “Have you debuted (gotten laid) yet?”  I believe that this teasing is what caused me to go “girl crazy” after high school.

I got with my first girlfriend when I was 16 years old.  I don’t regret any of my experiences because I feel that I can learn from each and every one of them; with that said, there are many reasons why my first girlfriend was just NOT good for me:

  • I stopped going to class and my GPA dropped from a 4.6 to a 4.4
  • I didn’t spend time on my SATs and got a mediocre 1320
  • I didn’t focus on writing my personal statement essay so it turned out pretty crappy
  • She was NOT going to go to a 4-year university, so I decided to go to community college with her

Yes I know, I am lame.  But on the bright side, I learned a TREMENDOUS amount about relationships because of her and I feel that I am now able to give my best to my girlfriend right now.

UCLA – 1st year

My first year at UCLA was a complete blur.  I had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship, so I was unleashed to the world as a newly single dude in the wonderful jungle that is your undergrad years.  Yes I’ll admit it, I went girl crazy.

But I also knew that I was behind.  I was a transfer student after all, and I only had 2 years to make something out of myself.  I was set on joining every club, getting straight A’s, and getting a super prestigious career once I graduated.  I decided to join Delta Sigma Pi – International Business Fraternity and my world was flipped upside down.

The pledging process was one of the most intense and grueling challenges I have ever gone through my entire life.  But in the end, crossing into DSP pretty much changed my whole life.  I learned about management consulting, investment banking, case interviewing, that we had to recruit in the fall, how to interview, how to dress professionally, and everything else an undergraduate needs to succeed in the business world.

The other thing that DSP taught me to do is how to drink, drink A LOT of alcohol that is.  I’m not gonna lie to you, my friend Rees and I went to class about 2 times Winter Quarter of 2006 – the first day of class and the day before the final.  I have no idea how I survived my first year.


Though I partied hard my 1st year, I had decent grades and decent experience under my belt.  Coming onto Fall 06, I was ready to recruit for full-time offers and get a position at a consulting firm.  I studied decently hard for the case interview, but I’ll admit I overestimated my interviewing abilities.  I interviewed with about 15 different companies that Fall 06.

Weeks passed and I did not recieve a call from a company giving me an offer.  “Strange” I thought.  I went home for my Mom’s birthday and saw the “death” letters waiting for me at my desk.  I counted 13 letters in all, each one stating the same deadly phrase,

Dear Jun,

Thank you for interviewing with “X” company.  We regret to inform you that…

It was a huge blog to my ego and moral. Not getting into UCLA after high school was a hit, but I blamed my ex-girlfriend so I didn’t really feel too bad about it.  But this, this was my future.  This was my income and career.  The reason you go to college is to get a spectacular career once you graduate, and now I’m facing a bunch of letter that tell me I’m not good enough!

Since I was part of Delta Sigma Pi, all of my peers were getting offers at Big Four accounting firms, I-banks, and consulting firms.  In my time of need, I turned to the one guy who was always there for everybody.  He was my pledge bro, but up until this point, I had never opened myself up to him.  This person changed my life forever, and introduced me to the startup life.

Yu-kai Chou

When I first met Yu-kai, I thought he was some asian fob who had trouble speaking English and who thought he was the founder of his own company.  He would always talk about his “FD Network,” and most of us just laughed because we thought no undergraduate could seriously start his own company.

… still being written …

Secret code: Kobe Bryant, the “Black Mamba”

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    I love your profile and your contribution at Dan’s site. keep it up.

  • http://www.inourcloset.com Kim E.

    you go jun!!! i think you are amazing and i am so proud of you!!!

  • Jim

    That’s 3 minutes of my life I will never get back. Thanks guy, you really are the common man. With a 4.4 GPA. Awesome.

    • http://Awesome.viralogy.com Jun Loayza

      Well, I hope it was the best 3 minutes of your life so far. And I’m not even finished with my bio yet, I’ll let you know when I am.

      Yea… 4.4 GPA was way below what i expected in High School.

  • http://www.dollarmirror.com Renante Beron

    Interesting life story Jun. And awesome evolution indeed! ‘Glad I’ve made it here to your blog and nice knowing you. Truly inspiring…

  • http://www.thetimesofasia.com Renante Beron

    Hi Jun, I would like to invite you to contribute a post as part of our official launching of TheTimesofAsia.com on Monday, June 29.

  • http://twitter.com/nQuo nik.

    Hey Jun,

    great biography so far!
    reading certain parts of it is like looking into my own life right now.
    just finished my 3rd year of uni, but no luck whatsoever in finding a summer job, while others in my class have Big4 internships and the like.

    just followed you on Twitter, gonna read “to be an entrepreneur or not” now – i’m glad i found your site because i can relate to many parts

    best of luck for Future Delivery!


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  • http://search.amplify.com/q/eric+goldstein/ eric goldstein


    Keep up the good work! I think you’re approach and spirit are excellent. If you ever want to bounce things off me or share experiences, would be great to chat/meet.


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    Wow two thumbs up

    Just dropping by to say Hello


  • Imran

    Great to see someone else taking the plunge like this. I got a question though, how did you manage to survive in the beginning? I am thinking of quitting work to pursue a start up but living is expensive when you don’t have a consistent income!

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    nice profile Jun… wish you all the best!

    Web Designer

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    Good profile Jun. I like how you kept it real. I’ll be following y our progress in your goals of becoming that successful entrepreneur!

    I’ve started the whole branding thing myself over at Financial Samurai, and it is so much fun. Know anybody who’s looking to apply to b-school? If so, we’re doing a $1,000 giveaway.



  • Michael Greene

    Hello Jun,

    It was great to read your bio and some of the posts on your site. I will definitely keep checking back. Thanks for the honesty and motivation.

    All the best,


  • Delia

    Hi Jun,

    Your site is amazing just what I need during those times. I’m peruvian too! Do you have google chat? I wanted to ask you some stuff about your website. I hope I can chat with you.


  • http://www.elevenian.com Jorge Garcia

    hey Jun!
    Congratulations fot this cool blog and I hope you all the best in all your proyects…I’m from Perú and my english is no so good..so I wonder if you ever wrote a blog in spanish???
    Thanks so much!

  • http://www.pursuitofmoney.com musab nadeem

    Hey man – great website, i randomly found you through one of your “start up” videos on youtube, its so crazy how I kinda have the same mindset as you! im 22 years old – just got a degree in Business Management, and am on my way to start up an internet company and hopefully sell it and retire by the age of 40, I also have a blog too, (www.pursuitofmoney.com) – I dunno its just strange to me that were both young, we both have had similar experiences! and we both rock too! lol… anyways – I can see that your efforts are in creating something, and then making it popular, my approach is different, my business (that is still in the planning stages) involves consultancy and basically being the “middle man”. This approach carries less risk & less effort. but whatever approach we take, what matters most is ambition and consistancy. see you at the top my friend!

  • http://www.AutopilotDream.com Yoichi Nakanishi

    Hey! I found your blog through Cody McKibben’s interview video, and decided to snoop around your site! Great site man! Your about story was fun to read and sounds similar to mine as far as starting up and chasing the dream! I met few people who changed my life for the better too to really step up and start CREATING! Cheers! Looking forward to reading more stuff on your site!

  • http://www.hcierd.com Dalareich

    Hi Jun, great post! I found this blog by researching in google about young entrepreneur.. thank you for inspiring me after reading this post.. i’m a young IT entrepreneur too.. i hope i’ll be successful soon too like you. Thank you so much and more power to you! I’ll be following your post here. I hope you will inspired the other young people to do business too. Congratulations!

  • http://yukaichou.com Yu-kai Chou

    You should finish this part. The suspense is killing me! ;)

  • Nicetry

    GPA in college? Decent can be anywhere from 2.5-3.5 so yeah.

  • Sarah

    I love your blog. I’m not looking to become an entrepreneur but regardless this blog has given me tremendous professional and job hunting tips. I really appreciate it.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=97413763&trk=tab_pro Esther

    found this through the web and you are inspirational. Having a trying day and this just gave me some dutch courage to press on!

  • Theresa

    Good morning!
    I googled something before even rolling out of bed on a gloomy Sunday morning and it landed me here. I love your blog entries. Topics are useful, varied, and universal. You ,Sir, have earned a sub.

    Ps. Learning to drink in college is helpful for the following reasons
    1) you have great stories to tell acquaintances later (that pic in this post added a “human” quality that lots of “business gurus” lack)
    2) you are now in an exclusive circle with the group you drank with that will go an extra mile for you should you need anything in the future
    3) trains you in the art of “happy hour” and that is something that can even land a girl membership among in the “good ol boys”

  • sheikh ijaz

    you should finish this part.the suspense is killing me….

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/colleen-cooper/52/92/715/ Colleen

    I love this blog, it’s not only very motivational but hilarious. I love seeing young and vibrant people like this have as much success as you’ve had. I am about to graduate and I am in the process of trying to find an internship that suits me well, I would love to work for you!
    -Colleen Cooper

  • http://www.junloayza.com/ JunLoayza

    Thanks Colleen